Suzanne lives in Oshawa with her biggest fans -- her husband and two cats. Suzanne performed choral music for the last ten years.  

  She says that now karaoke singing is her favourite pastime, because it helps to boost her confidence. 

  She likes singers with strong, soulful voices, and she likes to perform songs that evoke memories regardless of the vocal challenge. Songs by Linda Ronstadt, Petula Clark, Allison Krause, Carole King and many more artists, inspire her.



Roxanne and her husband live in Oshawa. She has performed in musical theatre productions and sung popular music for local choral groups.  She says she likes singing the “oldies” – the great hits from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. 

  She has a special admiration for R&B performers. Her sound is “sweet and soulful.”  And, she says she plays a mean “air guitar.”

  Roxanne always enjoys the company of family and friends.  She is a hostess of re-known to all who come through her door.



Elizabeth is from Toronto, where she performed in high school musicals. After graduating from high school, she sang with an a cappella choir.  

  In her early twenties she met a piano player, and ended up performing blues and jazz in night clubs. 

  But, “life happened,” and she gave up singing for a real job. In her late 40's, she returned to singing. First, she sang in an “indies,” garage band, and later with choirs. Now, she feels at home singing with the Sing-Sations.



Mary lives in Pickering. While growing up in British Columbia, she sang at folk-music shows with her four sisters.  She says her mother used to sew their show costumes. 

   She loves singers like Van Morrison and Eric Clapton who tell stories with their songs.  She likes to sing rock ‘n roll and pop -- especially songs that make the audience want to join in and dance. She also loves harmonizing with her Sing-Sations friends.



Diane lives in Port Perry.  She says she loves to sing, and has been singing her whole life -- for her kids -- with her kids-- in the shower.  Anywhere.  Anytime. 

   She draws on songs from singers like Carole King, Janis Joplin, Queen, Bette Middler, Jim Croce, John Denver – for her eclectic and long list.  

   “I love music from all genres,” she says.  “Perhaps not so much opera, but I love to sing and I never realized how much I love to perform, until now.”



Darrel lives in Whitby with the “love of his life,” and three cats.  He started singing in high school choirs.  In university, he sang in a chorale, and continued his vocal career in community theatre.  

  After joining the OSCC, he started singing with a group called “The Troubadours,” and later joined the Sing-Sations.

   Darrel enjoys singing a wide variety of music.  He serves as the group's manager and “all-around roadie.”



George lives with his wife, in Ajax.  He started singing in at the age of three, at a corporate Christmas Party in Toronto’s Royal York Hotel.  In high school, he performed in a small band. 

  After he retired, George started singing with a karaoke group, while spending winters in Florida.  Back in Canada, he joined the Sing-Sations by responding to their ad on a website.

  He likes to sing easy rock from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond.  He gets inspiration from artists like Roy Orbison, Bobby Vinton, Bobbie Curtola and Ronnie Dove.  More recently, he has become a country music fan – with a particular fondness for Willie Nelson songs.